Partners for Life

Partners for Life (PFL) was established in 2000.   The program is involved in linking orphanages, schools and other organizations throughout the world with faith and community organizations in the U.S. who are passionate  about addressing the needs of children impacted by poverty and/or other events that negatively affect their lives.

Partners for Life is designed to:

  • Identify orphanages, schools and/or other organizations that need assistance; and partner them with faith and community based organizations in the United States who are passionate about providing quality care for children.
  • Educate U.S. faith and community   organizations about First Response Center and our “Partners for Life” Program.
  • Provide the mechanism for understanding:    cultures, needs of client organizations,  expectations of provider organizations and the limitations of partnerships.
  • Provide transparent review and progress reports to partner organizations.
  • Partnering countries to date: South Africa & Haiti